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The offer includes the entire suite apart from the private clinic, which can be booked separately.

English Salon

Wonderful furniture, originals from the Wilhelminian period are giving this room the classic English touch! Surrounded by the nostalgic flair, you feel thrown back in time.


The room invites you to implement countless classic role-playing scenarios or simply to have a chat in the end of an intensive session.


You may spend really pleasant hours sitting in the leather Chesterfield armchair with a view of the prison cell. The hanging device for Shibari bondage also offers another option to experience an unforgettable session.


The official desk is right next to the cell so that delinquent prisoners can be better monitored. The small library contains a fine selection of nostalgic and contemporary fetish books and magazines.


The new bondage board, framed by countless rings, opens up further imaginative bondage options. Right next to it, the leather-covered whipping bench with ankle straps complements the game in promising directions.


  • large number of leather ankle straps in various lengths (to find in the buffet drawer)
  • f ** machine telescopic pole on a heavy base with wheels


Dark Chamber

The spacious area with a high vaulted ceiling makes the room appear dark but also mysterious. There is wonderful space for all kinds of suspension games.


Furnished with the beautiful Art Nouveau sideboard in contrast to the solid, high-quality steel furnitures, this chamber radiates a special steampunk atmosphere.


There is a divisible steel reclining cage, steel slave chair with restraints and a 140cm wide bondage bed. For optimal use of space, the bed can be folded up if necessary and supplied behind the curtain. The big leather covered bond wheel completes the whole thing. A top class SM-paradise!


 The following equipment is also available:

  • various leather cuffs
  • leather collar with leash
  • spreader bars
  • suspension leather harnest
  • suspension bar
  • cotton ropes
  • selection of whips
  • selection of leather mask
  • simply gasmasks in 3 sizes
  • F**-machine for the cage
  •  Neon Wand - Try it!
  • CBT-cuffs & weights

  • metal pillory


  • warrier head fixation with latex insert
  • f ** machine telescopic pole on a heavy base with wheels
  • see the gallery for possible uses for the F ** machine

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  • shackle frame made of steel with cross bars and various fixation options
  • head fixation (can be provided on request)
  • bondage board on wheels with headrest
  • suspension steel bars with eyelets in various lengths (up to 150cm)
I thank Denis for the great advice and that my design was implemented so perfectly! The company EvilToys implements customer requests pragmatically and functionally. The work is carried out reliably and at the highest level. The result = perfect!


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Prison Cell

Locked up and the key is thrown away ..?


The arrest behind cold, hard steel bars clearly shows the limitation of the low slave life!


The two entrances, one from the private clinic and the other from the English salon make long-term education appear in a new light. Equipped with a short mattress if needed, this is an excellent way to keep a delinquent overnight. Imprisoned - attached to chains ...
  • prisoners dress b/w stripes (M/L)
  • canes, carpent beaters, rupper baton
  • metal pillory
  • chains
  • carabiner
  • bunker mattress & blanket for overnight stays
  • heavy handcuffs, hand and neck iron combination
  • big iron balls - originals from the D.O.C. of the USA

The blanket for overnight stay must be ordered in advance. With early information, the bunker mattress can also be prepared.

Privat Clinic

The unique clinic room can be rented for an additional charge. If you are interested, please inform me when booking. Otherwise the private clinic remains closed.


The freshly restored gyno chair from the USA is the new highlight of the private clinic. Multi-functionally adjustable and with fixing options, it opens up new dimensions of bizarre games. Directly directed at the mirror, it ensures a good view of what is happening.


The following tools also ensure hot games:

  • Venus2000
  • electrical devices (as well ET-312)
  • Violet Wand
  • powerfull massage wand
  • cotton ropes
  • selection of chastity devices for him
  • golden shower glass funnel
  • diapers
  • foils
  • leather cuffs and clinical neck braces
  • sterile hospital equipment according to hospital standards
  • sterile catheter material for male patients
The electrically adjustable hospital bed, which is supplemented with the Segufix system, is used for long-term therapy. Please also inform us in advance whether it would like to be used. So that it can be prepared.


  • professional aircraft belts with airline fitting for locking rails
  • F ** machine telescopic rod on a heavy base plate with wheels can also be used with the gyno chair. The F ** machine must, however, be mounted across the plate.



The bathroom is kept simple and clean, consisting of a shower, toilet and sink. Here too, the shower is nostalgically fitted with a curtain. This guarantees easy handling and enough free space as required.


The terry towels are provided in large numbers. The following additional products can be used:

  • selection of shower products
  • deodorant for her & him
  • bodylotion
  • mouthwash
  • disposable toothbrush prepared with toothpaste
  • hair dryer with attachments
  • curling iron with various attachments
  • hairpray & gel
  • shoehorn


The INSTITUT DIVINE is successively equipped with the groundbreaking wireless home sound system SONOS. You can listen to your own music or from Spotify directly from your phone or tablet.


All you need to do is download the appropriate app and this will automatically find the installed system on site. Free WIFI is offered.


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